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About Us

vZ Energy Inc. (vZenergy) is a Clean Energy, Business and Technology Consulting firm focused on renewable and alternative power generation, and electrical energy storage.  vZenergy serves a full spectrum of international clients. These include investors, entrepreneurs, technology developers and manufacturers.

vZenergy envisions a future powered by Clean Energy Technologies, an electric grid that integrates Renewable, Alternative and Electrical Energy Storage into a “Green Smart Grid”. Actualization of the Green Smart Grid necessitates a continual evolution of energy technologies to lower costs, expand benefits, and employ seamless integration with improved intelligence.

With a strong entrepreneurial drive, comprehensive knowledge of the energy industry and solid understanding of the investment community, vZenergy delivers a complete framework of the necessary tools to achieve Successful Commercialization of your Clean Energy Technology by offering: Business, Technology and Engineering Services. vZenergy delivers these services with unique insights on business and product strategies, competitive energy technologies and solutions, the electrical grid, and power systems. 





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Areas of Expertise


vZenergy’s principal, Clemens van Zeyl, is a former officer and executive with profit and loss (P&L) responsibility in both publicly traded and private companies, both multinational and private.  His business expertise includes:

  • Financing including development of prospectuses
  • Strategic & Product Planning
  • Functional Management including Industrial Marketing, Sales, R&D, Engineering and Purchasing
  • Implementation of business systems and processes
  • Commercial and Technical Project Management 



vZenergy, and its principal, have a wide range of expertise in clean energy technology, ranging from research & development (R&D) to commercialization.  Areas of technology expertise include:

  • Smart grids
  • Hydrogen fuel including types of storage media
  • Electrical energy storage including batteries of various electro-chemistries to flywheels
  • Photovoltaic and electro-mechanical generation
  • Power electronics and controls including inverters and DC converters
  • Power systems including SCADA, generation, distribution and protection


vZenergy has successfully implemented client assignments in a number of engineering fields.  To name a few:

  • Systems engineering and integration including specifications and drawings for: Electrical energy storage systems; Photovoltaic and electro-mechanical power generation plants; and Micro-grids
  • Controls design and functional software descriptions including battery management systems and site controllers
  • Power System design including specification of: Medium Voltage (MV) AC switchgear; Inverters;  and Transformers


We are seeing, through research and development,
technological possibilities increasing,
costs coming down and feasibility of investment in renewable energy increasing by the day. The opportunities are tremendous.
— International Renewable Energy Agency