Our Principal

Clemens van Zeyl, MBA, P.Eng

Our Principal, Clemens van Zeyl, MBA, P.Eng., has a diverse range of experience as a senior executive in multiple engineering and technology firms. In the span of thirty-years, through various roles in the industry, Mr. van Zeyl has been a visionary in the implementation and commercialization of advanced technological products. His multifaceted expertise is demonstrated by his success in starting, growing and the repositioning of companies. Product introduction, marketing, operations efficiency and financing are more than familiar to Mr. van Zeyl. Prior to forming vZenergy, he successfully led R&D projects for such Fortune 500 companies as GE and Shell, and was crucial in bringing multiple innovative products into the market. Mr. van Zeyl's ability to pair technical know-how with sharp business acumen allowed him to facilitate multi-million dollar agreements with leading technological manufacturers and government agencies. Mr. van Zeyl has a reputation for increasing the profitability of his employers in the tens-of-millions of dollars.




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Example Engagements

In the management realm vZenergy provides thoughtful analysis of your business requirements followed by results-oriented planning and execution. Our successful track record has:

  • Secured venture capital for early-stage companies through the development of custom business plans and investor presentations.
  • Achieved venture capital rates of return for investors through insightful due-diligence.
  • Helped companies bring to market innovative new products through in-depth market analysis, product development, and commercialization oversight.  
  • Secured government funding for high-profile electrical energy storage projects in the US.

vZenergy's comprehensive technical expertise includes product design and systems engineering in a diverse range of energy systems including solar, wind, electrical energy storage, power and hydrogen.  Some project examples include:

  • Development of product roadmaps for power conversion and electrical energy storage technologies.
  • Conceptual design of an innovative power conversion technology for Solar photovoltaic power systems.
  • Supported Venture Capital companies with analysis of energy technologies in respect to their market potential.

By integrating managerial and engineering insight, vZenergy’s expertise provides your company with a comprehensive, practical strategy to meet your unique businesses objectives.