Our services are designed to guide your company from early stage start-up, through growth, to maturity, while leveraging industry innovations.


The myriad of challenges you face during the initial start-up phase can make or break your business.  Successfully meeting these challenges requires careful planning. 

vZenergy will work with you to develop, not just a business plan, but a comprehensive business strategy that will capture Venture Capital attention.  Developing a comprehensive business strategy includes analyzing your resource potential, designing an organizational structure appropriate to your goals, and building a detailed financial model that links your strategy to financial profitability.


Adjusting to variable economic and environmental pressures while achieving and maintaining market growth calls for dedicated oversight at the highest level. 

vZenergy draws on years of senior executive experience to assist you in focusing on your core competitive advantage, increasing productivity, improving cash-flow, and obtaining the right financial backing to achieve your growth plans.  We'll help you build flexible operations teams, conduct objective and comprehensive business reviews, and successfully negotiate government, supplier, and venture capital relationships.


Growing an early stage or start-up company is dependent on the opportunity that a company offers to investors, the availability of funding, and the type of investors that participate in a financing.  vZenergy offers advice on the optimization of the financing options presented to a company. As a representative of your company, vZenergy's principal will leverage his experience financing expertise. vZenergy will assist with selecting a broker, writing prospectuses, creating financial pitches, selecting investors with the company’s broker, and negotiating deals.


A successful product launch of a new Clean Energy product requires extensive analysis of the market and competitors. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing your branding, your business, and your investor's trust.  

vZenergy will work with you to conduct a rigorous and objective analysis of your energy technology's market potential, and in particular your business strategy as a whole.  We'll help you generate both a new product and multi-generation product plan to map a successful path forward.                                                                                                    


A key element of executing a business plan for an early-stage company is business development to generate demand for its products. Successful business development is a function of many variables, including: the value a new product or service offers to the industry, the risk profile of an industry, understanding who early adopters are, having access to key decision makers, presenting the value proposition to decision makers in a confident manner, and participating in key conferences and trade shows.  vZenergy will support your company's business development needs, by acting as your representative or by supporting your existing staff.


Commercializing Clean Energy Technology presents numerous technical choices and decisions. These can include: What is your value proposition compared to existing solutions? What market segment should the technology be focused toward?How should the product be packaged? Are their Environmental considerations? What are the applicable codes and standards that you must abide by?

vZenergy provides both qualitative and quantitative analysis to guide you through each technical decision, ensuring the best possible outcome for the commercialization of your technology.


Engineering is often a bottleneck, and quality engineering takes years of experience to develop.  vZenergy’s principal has over 35 years of engineering experience in the field of electrical engineering and has generated patents for clients.  vZenergy has a Certificate of Authorization from the province of Ontario to “stamp” design documentation.  vZenergy offers a wide range of services to ensure engineering does not impede your growth:       

  • Systems engineering and integration
  • Power Systems engineering, including power system modeling such as harmonic studies and transient analysis with its partners
  • Specification of equipment
  • Generation of AutoCAD drawings
  • Development of controls and management of software
  • Product development/design & management


Leveraging our principal’s years of experience at General Electric, vZenergy offers commercial and technical project management services to complete your project on time and within budget.  Services include: 

  • Contract negotiations
  • Analyzing milestones to ensure they are achievable
  • Scheduling and management of milestones
  • Management of change orders in a fair and equitable manner
  • Report generation
  • Inspection and witness testing of equipment
  • Site supervision
  • Project commissioning



In addition to managing a project, vZenergy offers project development services including:

  • Siting of potential projects
  • Negotiation of option agreements
  • Permitting
  • Creation and submission of electrical interconnection applications
    Financial modeling including detailing of project life costs
  • Assistance with project financing